Born in Rosario (Argentina) she studied at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario taking a degree in Composition. She followed also master courses with Dante Grela, Francisco Kropfl and Franco Donatoni and post-graduate Master Courses in Milan, Biella and at the Accademia Chigiana of Siena. She has followed also Seminars and Master Classes in Composition with Giorgy Ligeti, Ennio Morricone and Henri Pousseur. She was “an artist in residence” at the “Virginia Center for the Creative Arts” (Usa).

She has obtained different awards in National and International Competitions like the 7° International Composition Competition for Guitar “Paolo Barsacchi”, like the Dundee Guitar Festival , like the 6° International Composition Contest “Onde Musicali” (Taranto) and like the International Composition Competition and Performance for Percussion Struments of the Percussive Arts Society (Italy).

She has been given commissions by the Ensemble Barcelona Nueva Musica (Spain); by the Fondazione Adkins Chiti “Donne in Musica”, by the Duo 46 (violin and guitar, USA); by Thomas Rosenkranz (piano, University of Hawaii); by Esther Fluckiger (piano, Switzerland) ; by Fausto Corneo (bass clarinet, Portugal); by the Duo of Anne Ku and Robert Bekkers (guitar and piano, Holland) ecc. Next by Omar Cyrulnik (guitar, Argentina) and by Francesca Torelli (liuth and tiorba, Italy).

She has been performed in important Festivals like the 6° Annual Women in New Music Festival “Inner Voices” (California State University, USA); the World Bass Clarinet Convention of Rotterdam (Holland); the Convention “La Via delle Fiabe: South America” promoted by the University of Pavia; the North/South Consonance Ensemble Winter/ Spring Season 2006; the Cortona Contemporary Music Festival (2006 and 2007), the 2008 Beijing International Congress on Women in Music and the Music of Latin American Women Composers by MAVerick and CUBE Ensembles from Chicago.
Her music have been performed in prestigious halls like Teatro dei Filodrammtici (Milan); the General Consulate of Argentine Republic, the University of Kansas, the California State University and the Palazzo Chigi Saracini (Siena) and by ensembles and orchestras like the Kiev State Symphony Orchestra, the Kharkov Philarmonic Orchestra , the choir “Godofredo Petrassi” of Rome directed by Stefano Cucci , the Cluster Ensemble of Biella, the Octandre Ensemble of Bologna ecc.


The music for the video “Metropolis” directed by Giorgio Longo.
The music for the artistic DVD “Dancing around the One” by Leonilde Carabba which has been presented at After Urban- Video Art and Architecture (Brooklyn NY); River’s Edge Film Festival (Paducah, KY USA), the Biennal of Florence 2007, ecc.
The installation “Herschel’Dream:Costellazioni e Cieli Stellati” (painting on the ceiling by Leonilde Carabba, music by Marcela Pavia, computer lights by Marco Brianza).

She has published the articles “La estructura de la musica atonal” (The structure of atonal music) published by CODEXX (Associaciò Musica i Comunicaciò- Barcelona) and “El analisis musical” (The musical analysis”) published by the magazine CONCEPTOS( Universidad del Museo Social Argentino- Buenos Aires).
Her works have been published by Edizioni Curci, Milano, Bérben Edizioni Musicali; by Editions Delatour, France and Edizioni Musicali AGENDA, Bologna. She has published also didactic music with Edizioni Curci, Milano.

Her music has been recorded by ERMmedia (USA) and by IGS- Bèrben, Ancona (“Portraits” by Bèrben contains “Fideal” and “Malambo” for solo guitar; next release by Bèrben contains “Pain is not linear” for solo piano and “Ondine” for bass clarinet) “Shalott” for woodwinds, celesta, glockenspiel and strings won the selection to be included in the ERMmedia collection “Masterworks of the New Eravol 7” and recorded by the Kiev Philarmonic Orchestra conducted by Robert Ian Winstin.
Next release : “Masterworkks of the New Era vol 14” by ERMmedia.

She has teached at the Universidad Nacional (Rosario- Argentina), at the Conservatorio Municipal “Manuel de Falla” (Buenos Aires- Argentina), at the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino (Buenos Aires- Argentina) and at the Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires). Since 1992 she lives in Italy where she has teached at the Civic Schools (Varese, Crema, Gorgonzola, Cesano Boscone)at private schools in Italy and Argentina.
She has collaborated with the Culture Department of Buenos Aires City (Analysis and Compositions Seminars); and with the Italian Istitute Goitre.
She is member of “Suonodonne Italy”, of the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM), the SIMC ( Società Italiana Musica contemporanea) and of the American Composer Forum.

Her music has been reviwed by the magazines “Suonare News”; “Il Fronimo” and “Seicorde”.

Marcela Pavia
Via Pascoli 18, 20129 Milano - Italy
Tel: 02-29404813 329-6489450

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